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iMotion HD: Create stop motion movies

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imotion app

iMotion app is a FREE app which allows you to make stop motion movies. It is lots of fun and allows for endless creative and learning opportunities.

I had an interesting experience this morning, my kids (12 and 9) are on school holidays at the moment which means I juggle trying to work and keep them motivated. I started to blog about this app this morning and thought I am going to get the kids to create some movies for you. Well I gave them a 2 minute overview of the app, gave them the iPad and sent them off. What they produced was amazing. I could hear them out in the kitchen saying ok we need to set up the shot like this, then this. (There was a great deal of speaking and listening as they decided what to do), they had to think sequentially and put things in order. They were very excited to then show me what they had created. I have pasted the movie below.

I then said why don’t we use imovie to create extra effects, after a quick 2 minute explanation they went off and this is what they produced.

Interestingly after they had done the first one, they said we are going to create a more complex one now. It really highlighted to me that if you give the children the technology they can create some amazing things.  The second attempt

Using imovie , pic collage and doodle buddy they added extra effects.

If you were using imovie as a extra tool in this process the students could even record their voice over their presentation.

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