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About Me

I created this blog to help educators discover and use a variety of digital technologies for teaching and learning. I have a focus on tools that are free (we all have a budget), or paid tools that you HAVE to have.

A little of my history.

I am currently a lecturer in the Faculty of Education in the early childhood, primary and secondary areas. Previous to this I was a Pre-School Teacher for 7 years, a Primary School Teacher for 11 years. I am passionate about teaching with digital technologies and also teaching our students to be 21st-century learners.
I have always loved digital technologies and have used it extensively in my classroom across EC, primary, and tertiary contexts. I have a specific focus on ways that digital technologies can be used to scaffold and develop literacy and English skills across the curriculum.

Please comment on posts I am interested in hearing your thoughts!!!! I would love to create a community where we could all share our ideas and thoughts.



Doctor of Philosophy (currently completing) Thesis: looking at how medium (digital and paper) influences teaching and learning.

Master of Education: Thesis Integrating Mobile Technology: iPads for oral language development.

Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood)

Bachelor of Education (Primary)

Diploma of Teaching

Research Interests: 

Reading mediums ( digital and paper), Picture Books, iPads in education, mobile technology, multimodal texts, teacher education, literacy and English education, 21st-century education.


Book Chapter (in press), McLeod, Carabott & Lang (2017), Teaching with digital technologies,  in Learning to Teach in the New Era, Cambridge

Carabott, K, Henwood, J (2014), Creating innovative learning environments with digital technology; The Botanic Gardener : The magazine for botanic garden professionals (39) p 22-25

Conference Presentations:

Australian Teacher Educators Association (ATEA), National Conference Ballarat 2016, Carabott, K, McLeod, A,  Synergies in a third space: Digital literacy classes taught by both professional and academic staff

Asian Conference on Technology in Classrooms (ACTC) Japan 2016, Carabott, K & McLeod, A, Creating Tech Savvy Teachers – Increasing pre-service teachers digital self-efficacy.

Australian Teacher Educators Association (ATEA), National Conference Darwin 2015, Carabott, K, McLeod, A, Lofhelem, K, Schultz, Creating Tech-Savvy Teachers

Museum Australia Education NSW (Sydney) Switch On, Plug In, Power Up: using digital resources for authentic learning. 

Australian Literacy Education Association (ALEA), Statewide  Conference, Melbourne, September 2013, Carabott, K: iPads and their implications for speaking and listening in the classroom.

Australian Literacy Education Association (ALEA), National Conference, Brisbane, July 2013, Carabott,K:  I-Pads supporting oral language development: The Benefits and the Disadvantages.

Australian Teacher Educators Association (ATEA), National Conference, Adelaide July 2012, White,S, Goff,W, Carabott,K, Davies,K:  Reshaping teacher education curriculum to provide better futures for all students.

Australian Teacher Educators Association (ATEA), National Conference, Adelaide July 2012, Carabott,K, Goff,W:  Building teacher capacity through sustainable work embedded professional development.

Research in Educational Issues Network (REIN), Gippsland 2011, Carabott,K, Goff,W, Osbourne, M, Curwood,K: Partnerships for Learning.


DEECD Early years Awards 2013: Shortlisted to top five.

Monash University: Golden Apple Nomination 2013

Monash University: Commendation for Vice Chancellors Social inclusion Award 2013

Monash University: Deans Learning and Teaching Award 2012: Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning 2012

Monash University: Nominated for Vice Chancellors Learning and Teaching Award 2012

Professional Affiliations: 

Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT)

Digital Learning and Teaching Victoria (ICTEV)

Australian Literacy Educators Association (ALEA)

Primary Educators Australia Association (PETAA)


Units I have Taught:

Learning at the heart of teaching

Early Years Literacy

School, Family and Community Partnerships


ICT in Education

Developing Classroom Relationships

Integrating the Curriculum


Learning and Educational Inquiry

English (P-10)

Theory and Practice of Teaching (Primary and Secondary)




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