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ThingLink – Online interactive pictures

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Thinglink is incredibly easy to use. If you haven’t used it yet in the classroom , I suggest you give it a go. Thingling is like a virtual pinboard. You use a picture for the background and then you can add relevant you tube videos, pictures, information, recipes anything really that has a URL. It turns a picture into a interactive picture. To do this you just create a tag, paste in your link and a description and the information becomes part of the picture. The best thing is it is FREE!

To use in the classroom the teacher could create a master account and all the class log in under that name. One word of warning this is a public space where others can comment on the pictures.

Classroom Ideas

1. Ideas for using Thinglink for Easter: (This is a very quick one I made on Easter). The children could create their own on the different countries around the world.

2. The children could create their own picture of themselves (using paint or another type of drawing software). The children could then use this picture on thinglink and link things that they like, dislike, favourite things etc.

3. The children could create one to show their knowledge about a particular event, topic etc.

4. You could create a class one and the children could link their favourite books with a review of the book which then creates a virtual book library. I have created an example here –

A Tutorial of thinglink.

Has anyone else used this tool?

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