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Toondoo – create online comics and books

Posted in Character Development, Classroom, Literacy, Reading, and Writing

Toondoo is free and allows the children to make their own digital cartoons and books.  They look fantastic!

The website also allows you to use Safe Search with the children. The cartoons can be digitally saved or printed.

One I prepared earlier (this took me about 5 minutes and is very easy to use).


Classroom Ideas

1. The children could create a retell of a story to aid comprhension.

2. The children can publish their own story  in cartoon format.

3. Toondoo could be used to focus on writing genres, eg/ a procedural text, narrative, persuasive etc

4. Create characters for stories.

5. Design a new ending for a story.

6. Explain a concept.

A tutorial on how to start making your own digital cartoons using Toondoo.

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