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ChatterPix and ChatterKids App

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chatterpix kids

Chatterpix  and Chatterkids are both free apps. These apps allows you to take a photo and then add the voice over; a talking avatar. The app allows you to record 30sec of audio. . The differences between the two apps are: chatterkids has been designed for 13years and under and does not have the ability to share the pix socially (Facebook, YouTube), it does allow you to save to the camera roll. Chatterpix has the ability to socially share.

This is a lot of fun and could be used for many different things in the classroom

1. Use it at the start of the year as an introduction

2. History: Students could dress up as a historical character and record a about me piece. Be a reporter and report on a historical event form a particular perspective.

3. Geography: Use a photo from a destination and be a travel reporter

4. Literacy: Writing: Plan, compose and write the script, Oral Language: use to develop expression, tone, pace and intonation, Reading: Take a photo of the front page of a book and record a 30 second book review, draw a character fr the book, take a photo and then record the narration of the character offering an explanation for their actions.

Think about using chattepix with other iPad applications eg

Chatter pix and imovie

Chatterpix and explain everything

Chatterpix and 30 hands

Does anyone currently use this app in a different way?

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