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Hi everyone,

I have previously blogged about Easter websites and apps particularly in terms of games and activities. However I have not blogged about Easter traditions around the world. So this post looks at how Easter traditions are celebrated around the world.

There are not a great selection of websites which are text based, but here are a few. I used the Google search for reading abilities which helps students to find websites based on their reading ability. To filter by reading level you click on search tools, click on all results and select reading levels. You then click on the reading level you want.

reading levels 2 reading level google search




Why Easter has some easy to read information on Easter around the world.easter around the world

This could be used

* As a comprehension activity ( to locate key points in the texts,  summarise the text, make connections, compare and contract different countries using a Venn Diagram)

* Write a diary entry from a students perspective in that country. ( eg/ I woke up in France and ……)

* Create a postcard from another country describing Easter

* Use these texts for guided reading.

* In groups the students prepare a oral presentation on their country and its Easter traditions.


Or what about using SKYPE to talk to another classroom in another area of the world to find out about their eater traditions. The learning which would be associated with this would be amazing. It would involve your on the classroom

Creating their own content so they can give a presentation

Creating questions they can ask another class

The use of their oral language skills (speaking and listening) across contexts etc.

Easter in pictures: They say that pictures can tell 1000 words, so look at images of Easter traditions across the world. For example check out this great picture here of Haux, France where the chefs each year make a giant omelet on Easter Monday to feed 1000 people.


Have a great Easter everyone







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