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Websites for teaching the ABC’s

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letters-66953_640Today’s post is a list of websites which are great for whole class, small groups or individual activities to help your students learn their ABC. There are many different facets of this process including, recognition and identification of the letters, identification of both lower and upper case letters,the sounds that the letters generally make and matching the letters to accompanying words which start with that letter. In this post I have tried to identify each of these processes with accompanying websites and games. This post took quite a while to research as a lot of the games available but the quality varies. I will also write posts over the next week on great apps, songs and printables.

Recognition and identification of the letters

PBS alphabet identification PBS kids: Identify the  letters 



Seaseme st letters big bird


Seseme St Big Bird identification of letters using the keyboard




ABCya has a great game called Alphabet Bingo


cookie monster



Identify the letters with the cookie monster






Starfall alphabet identification of letters and matching of upper and lower case



Sounds of the alphabet

ICT games phemoneICT games has phoneme pop which has a wide variety of letters and sounds. You need to identify the letters that match the sound


Harry Kindergarten Songs!

Identification and matching of both lower and upper case letters

ABCya matchingABCya has a matching game to match the lower and upper case letters.



Matching letters to accompanying words

alphabet MatchABCya has a matching game






Study Ladder which is a FREE website specifically designed for classrooms have a plethora of alphabet activities that include videos, games and prinatables. I have previously blogged about this site which you can read about here

alphabet gamesLearning Games has a great site on each individual letter that has several games, printables and videos





Phonics games has a range of alphabet games

reading eggsABC reading Eggs is a excellent site which is has leveled activities. To access reading eggs the school would need to purchase a subscription. Reading Eggs is now also available at the app store.

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