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Ideas and Resources for the 2014 Winter Olympics

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winter olympics

Hi everyone this is my first post for the year. I hope that you all had a great Christmas and New Year.

On Friday 7th Feb the official opening ceremony of the 2014 Olympic winter games commences. The Winter Games will be held in Sochi Russia and finish on the 23rd Feb. It takes a long time to find and assess resources and so I have done the hard work in this post. There are many resources and links to websites and links. At the end of the post I have included a list of ideas for using ICT to learn about the winter Olympics 2014.

The official website of the 2014 winter games with  all event details and the schedule can be accessed hereolympic scedule

Sochi, Russia Resources

World Atlas has a good map and information about Sochi

Look at the temperature and forecasts for Sochi

Google Images of Sochi, Russia

Russian Folk Music

Kids National Geographic all about Russia

Cossack Dancing

Maps of Sochi


The mascots for these Olympics include The Polar Bear, The Hare, The Leopard, the Snowflake and the Ray of Light. The official website has a mascots winter games 2014great section where the kids could read all about the mascots.

A PDF which contains info and pictures of winter mascots can be accessed here. This is a great source of information.

DK crafts has a variety of coluring pages you can print for these mascots which can be accessed here

History and highlights of the Winter Olympics

A great video to introduce the class to the winter games.

A kids guide to the history of the winter Olympics

Watch the video and read about how the Olympic torch was taken on a space walk

Australian Team

The Official Website of the Australian Olympic Team is

The site has a large collection of resources including athlete profiles, profiles of Sochi with fact facts, profiles of each sport, lesson plans etc. The Website is easy to read and contains a lot of visuals for the kids to look at.sports

The website has a section where you can watch webcasts of the athletes chatting to local schools and the kids can post messages of support to the athletes.

The Australia Add for the olympics is below. It would be interesting to discuss with the kids the differences in climate that the add portrays.

Cool Runnings

What a great movie which is based on a true story of determination and dedication to get to be a part of the winter Olympics.

Class ideas using ICT

Use imovie or the tellagami app or a video camera to create a documentary on the history of the winter Olympics.

Use imovie to question or present an Olympic winter sport.

Use tiki toki or online timeline to create a timeline of the history of the winter Olympics or a history of the winter olympic mascots.

Children create their own mascot (doodle buddy would work),  or physically draw, collage the mascot and then photograph. if the picture is imported into the 30 hands app the kids could recors the information about their mascot

Use a newspaper creator to report on an Olympic event (when the games begin).

Research and then create a online postcard from a person who has visited Sochi, Russia.

Use the event schedule for guided reading (what sports will be on ………. )

Create a tally of the medals then at the end of the games graph the results using Create a Graph

Use imotion and lego figures to create a story about the winter games.

Use Google earth to find and explore Sochi, Russia.

Printable task cards for games: Winter Olympic PE stations

I hope that you find something useful in this post. If anyone has any other tools please leave a comment 🙂

In the next post I will list and provide a summary of apps for the winter Olympics.






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