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Christmas around the world ideas for using apps and websites to create a resource

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santa_e0Yesterdays post was an interactive advent calendar which focused on Christmas traditions around the world.  Another website; Why is a good site to read about Christmas around the world. the information is well presented and quite easy to read.

This information could be used for a variety of learning activities.

1. Could be used as a comprehension activity.

2. Children could use a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast two countries.

3. Children could use imovie to create a documentary on a particular country.

4. The readings could be used in a guided reading group

5. Apps like story creator or 30hands or idiary could be used each day and children create a resource on Christmas around the world

6. Create a thinglink on Christmas around the world.

7. Using the online postcard creator create postcards written from children in that country describing their Christmas celebrations.

8. Use the online newspaper creators and create a newspaper from a country describing their Christmas celebrations.

9. Create a magazine cover or poster advertising why people should visit a country for Christmas


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