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educreationsEducreations is a FREE app and is similar to screen chomp. It is a interactive whiteboard where you can narrate your thoughts. It is a great way to get the students to show what they know and create their own lessons. You could also use it as the teacher and make mini lessons that the children could access at home if they need help with a particular concept.

You can draw on the whiteboard or add your own image.

You will need to sign up for your free educreations account. The website to sign up can be accessed here:  You can set up a teacher account with educreations and enroll your students in your class the students can then upload and add there own lessons. There are a variety of privacy settings.

A PDF of instructions  on how to set up an account can be accessed here

A tutorial by dakinane gives a good concise overview

Classroom ideas

1. Children could record and narrate their own stories.

2. Students could model how they completed a math problem. This would give an insight into the strategies they are using.

3. Topic Work – children could label diagrams, explain concepts, create historical biographies, create a presentation on a different country etc.

Really the options are endless




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