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30 Hands story app

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30 hands

30Hands App

This is a FREE app which allows you to create and record your own stories. Once you get the hang of it, it is very easy to use.

The app allows you to draw your own pictures, use pictures from the camera roll or use the camera function. Or you could get really creative and produce pictures using any app on the ipad such as pic collage, doodle buddy or phonto app. Once you have saved all the pictures (slides) you need for your story you then click on each slide and you can do several things.

photo (7)

1. Each slide have a record button so the students could narrate each of the slides.

2. You are able to add text onto each slide and draw on each picture to add details, shapes photo (8)etc.

When you have finished with with each slide you can save your presentation to the camera roll.

I made a quick story about my weekend using the drawing function.

It is quite a powerful story telling tool.

Ways to use this app in the classroom

1.As this app is open ended it can be used across a wide variety of curriculum areas.

2. This app could be used for all forms of writing.

Poetry – Students can draw and then read their poems

Poetry – Students could take a photo of themselves and then describe themselves, great start of the year activity.

Narrative – create and then publish stories using the app

Retell – retell a story using the app

Recount – Create the recount using the app (imagine an excursion with the photos and then the students record their recount)

Persuasive Text – students could use the app with visuals to try to persuade people (eg, trying to get the community to recycle etc)

Procedural Text – take photos and then write a procedural text ( ways to make pancakes etc)

Informational Text: Students could research a topic and then source pictures and add the information.

VIP of the week – Each child records a slide with a picture of the VIP and why they like them, think they are special. This could then be sent home on a disk.

3. Children could set termly goals which could be recorded and then sent home to parents.

4. Book reports – take a photo of the book and then be a reporter to rate the book.

Really the ways you could use this app are endless.

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One Comment

  1. Eric Braun (@SouthShoreEric)

    Hi Kelly!
    Thanks for the great review!

    In case you didn’t hear, we now have a Pro version of that app that includes features such as Google Drive integration, Dropbox integration, Adding short Video Clips as slides and Hi-Res Publishing. Coming soon will be Safe-Search and Importing Google Presentations and PDFs as slides.

    If you have any stories of students doing great things with 30hands Mobile, please send me an email. We’d love to hear them.

    Thanks! Eric

    July 21, 2014

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