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Story Creator App

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story creator

This week have decided that I will be blogging about digital storytelling tools specifically apps for the iPad. Let me know how you go if you use any of these apps in your classroom.

Todays app is called story creator app and it is great.  It is FREE and allows the students to create their own very professional looking stories. The reason I think this app is so fabulous is that it allows you to embed various forms of multimedia into your story. Within the story you can use your own photos, you can draw, you can add text,  you can add video and you can even record your own narration. I found it very easy to use.  The only negative I think is that you have to have the story creator app to view the story’s.

I recorded a little you video tutorial below


Ways to use this is the classroom:

1. This app could be used for a narrative which the children publish using the app

2. You could use create biographies of famous, historical people

3. The students could create a book about themselves at the start of the year.

4. You could create procedural texts.

5. You could create a class book of poems and every child includes their poem, you could even video all the children reading their poems and then embed the video on the child’s poem page.

6. The book could become a research report on the topic the children are studying (eg a book on volcanoes) with facts, videos etc.

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