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Create online interactive time lines with Tiki-Toki

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Tiki Toki is an online timeline tool  you can access the site here. This is a great FREE site which have great possibilities for the classroom.

The only downside is to access the free account all your students would need to log in under their own email address, the education account is $100 a year. I would recommend this site for the older grades as it can be a little confusing to start with. It has a great 2D and 3D views which look fantastic. The software allows you to add pictures and videos onto your timeline.

tiki toki

Ways you could use this in your classroom

1. As a historical timeline for any historical event.

2. As a personal timeline.

3. The students could create a timeline for a narrative they have read

4. As a procedural text, what to do first, second, third ………etc.

Have fun


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