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All about contractions

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Hi everybody. I thought that today’s post I would blog about contractions and different tools which are available to help to consolidate this concept.

I had so much fun with my class when i spoke about contractions. The best way I found to introduce them was. I walked into my classroom dressed as a surgeon and introduced myself as Surgeon Carabott (which the kids thought was hilarious), I told them I was here to perform some surgery on some words. I had words like it is, that is, has not etc. I carefully got out my scalpel (which was a pair of doctorscissors and told the kids I was going to make the word it is shorter so I cut out the i and then stuck them to the whiteboard and explained because I took out a letter I had to add something so one stitch (a apostrophe) was required to add in. After a few more demonstrations of this, i then gave the kids a face mask each appointed them as all trainee surgeons and sent then off to operate and stick the ‘new’ words in there books. This worked well as it was a good visual prompt when we spoke about about why there was an apostrophe in these words.

I also used a rubber band so the children could visualize what the word contraction meant, which seemed to work quite well.

Of course I did ensure that this was taught in context. We would then identify these words in stories etc, and further work on these was contextual.

A contraction matching game which features a variety of contractions.

Spelling city also contain a few spelling games which focus on contractions.

Study ladder also contains a few activities (if you haven’t joined this amazing site, have a look it’s fantastic)

Really what I found was all a little uninspiring really.  So I thought how else could we use ICT to reinforce this concept. If we can not consume, why not create which is a powerful way of learning.

quiz busters1. Use quiz busters to create you own games, or even better get the children to crate their own games using this great website

2. Use cool tools and turn the contractions into fun games. The students could then play each others my gamegames.

3. Get the students to create their own contraction songs and then video them rapping or singing.

word safari4. Use the game Word Safari and the students can use their own contractions and then play the game.


Does anyone know of any others??????


contractions2A set of matching cards from Sparklebox which are free to print you just need to laminate them.



contractions 3A set of free classroom posters from Sparklebox.



Anyone have any other great thoughts ??????


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