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Stixy colloboration board

Posted in Classroom, General, Humanities/ Topics, Literacy, and Web 2.0 tools

I posted previously about a website called Wall Wisher where you can add videos, text and pictures onto a virtual pinboard

stixtyThis tool stixty is similar to the wall wisher website but does look slightly more slick and professional. It also allows you to add , text, url and  pictures. The website can be accessed here.

You will need to sign up for this account but you are able to set privacy settings and receive notifications when someone adds a post. The one negative is the children need to have a google mail account to sign in.


Ideas for the classroom:

1. The students could create their own stixty board on a selected topic that they have researched. You can add urls as well.

2. The children could all write reflections on what they have learnt for the day, topic etc. You can then save a screenshot of the board and print it out to keep as part of your assessment.

3. The children could post reflections about a story they just read.

4. The site also allows you to add documents which you might want the children to look at.

If you want to get really tricky you could even create a QR code so the students can get straight on.

Has anyone else used this in the classroom???????



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