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Thinglink app

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I have recently blogged about thinglink using the internet,  but they have now released an app for the iPad.

thinglink appThis app is FREE and if you have not used thinglink before I suggest you give it a go, they say that “a picture says a thousand word”s well with this app you can !!!! If you don’t have an iPad use it on the internet.  The only negative to the app if you have to sign up using email, facebook or twitter. One way to overcome this may be to set up a class account. if you already have a thinglink account you can sign it to that using the app.

It allows you to add a picture and then you can embed text and add you own videos, it does not have as many features as the web version but it still works. The ways are use this app in the classroom are numerous.

Classroom Ideas

1. Use a picture and then students add the text to describe the picture using adjectives.

2. Geography, use a picture from a place (eg the Colosseum)  and the students can use text to add facts. They could record videos and then also add them into the picture.

3. Take a photo of the book the student has just read and use a video to record the student giving a book review this video can then be embedded into the thinglink.

4. Historical figure – describe, act out and record, facts can be embedded.

If you think about using a few apps to create a piece of work you could use imovie for the movie, guitar band to create music, doodle buddy and  pic collage to produce the pictures.


Click here to see a quick one I created.

And some screen shots

photo (5)


photo (6)

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