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Scribble maps

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The website scribblemaps is fantastic. It allows you to access any Google map and then add icons, lines, shapes, information onto the map. These maps can then be saved as a jpeg, web links, emailed, printed. You do not need to log in and it is free !!! Imagine the possibilities. It allows you to zoom in and out just like you would on goggle maps.

Ideas for the classroom.

1. Students can research a place and then add icons and information about that place.

2.Students could calculate distances and directions from one place to another.

3. Students could plot explorers journey (eg/ the first fleet, Burke and Wills etc)

4. Students could create a journal of a world wide adventure and chart it in scribble  maps.

5. Could zoom in and students have to draw the quickest way and give directions from one place to another (Could be used as a barrier game)

This was a very quick example that I created.


scribble map


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