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Websites for teaching and learning 2D shapes.

Posted in Maths, and Shape and Space

There is a plethora of websites which contain interactive shape games. These games act as a reinforcement and consolidation of skills. I have listed a few of these interactive games and songs below. This post id on teaching children about naming and the characteristics of 2D shapes. These games would be suitable for the junior grades.

2D shapes Polygon playground, this site allows you to drag the shapes and create pictures, patterns, etc. It would be good to talk about tessellations, shape characteristics etc. The shpae store by the BBC. Allows the children to drag and match the 2D shapes 2shapes to the ones in the picture.

2D shpaes 3 another great game from fruit shoot this one on 2D shapes

TES iBoard have created a basic shape game where you have to create the picture using the shapes. This would be good on an interactice whiteboard and the students can move the shapes around. game

shape game2Another similar game for TES iBoard
 this one is a little different, it describes the shape and the studentsshape game3 have to pull the shape from the river.

shape game4 In this interactive the children need to label the shapes.



And of course You Tube songs:

Harry Kindergarten





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