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Word Search Junior and Word Search Senior

Posted in Classroom, Literacy, Phonics, Spelling, Teacher Resources, and Writing I love this website  Today’s tool comes from this site.

Word search junior is a fantastic tool. There is a talking alligator who guides the children thorough the process of creating their own word word searchsearch. The word search can be printed or the children can play them online. The benefit for children in the early years is the word search is only one line so it makes it much easier to find the words. The teacher or the children can create the word search.

Ideas for the classroom

This could be used as a whole group activity, a small group activity or an individual activity.

You could use it for the children to practice their sight words.

Children can practice their spelling words..

Could use to practice CVC words and rhyming words (cat, sat, mat)

The site also has a word search creator for children in the upper years. It allows the children to customize their background and the word search it produces it like a traditional word search. word serach2

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