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Sploder: Game Creation

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sploader Following on from yesterdays post about the benefits of game creation for learning, here is another great website. This is another website where children can create their own games without needing any programming language, there are various games which can be created including platform, physics puzzles and retro arcade. ” By putting students in the position of creating a game or puzzle that others can solve in a fun and challenging way, it gets them thinking about problem-solving and storytelling. Game design uses the whole brain, from the artistic side of creating art and graphics, to the analytical side of creating interesting game levels that work”(para 3). It takes a little tinkering to create the games, but it is quite easy to navigate. After trying to get a section of the game to work my 2 children (12 and 9) were so excited that they had a 5 minute turn and when I returned they had created several platforms and then told me how to use the program. Often we need to put the program in the hands of the children and let them run with it. Imagine the creativity, problem solving, resilience,  collaboration, speaking and listening, story structure (beginning, middle and end)etc which could be a outcome for this type of work.

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