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Doodle buddy app

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Doodle buddy is a great open ended app which can be used across the curriculum and best of all it is FREE. The app allows you to draw, add stamps, add backgrounds and add text

A video tutorial from screencaststudio from You Tube


Ideas for the classroom:

1. Use the app as part of spelling rotations and the children can draw their spelling words.

3. You could use the app to create the pictures which can then be used as backgrounds in other apps. eg/ the children could create a background for a project they are creating in pic collage, could add a still frame in iMovie etc.

2. Preps could use the app to practice drawing the alphabet.

3. When looking at shape in maths the children could practice drawing  shapes that the teacher calls out or draw a picture using only squares and circles etc.

4. The children can create their own graphs

5. The children can play hangman on it.

6. Two children could use an iPad each and use the app to play barrier games which focus on speaking and listening. (eg? one child could give the instructions and both children draw what the child has said and at the end they compare pictures an example would be:  draw a red car inn the bottom left hand corner). The focus is on giving explicit instructions.

7. It could be used to plan writing.

8. Play naughts and crosses to develop strategy.

9. Use different pictures fro backgrounds and the children need to label them (eg/ label the parts of a insect).

Really it has endless uses in the classroom

Children can save their work by taking a screen capture which then saves the picture to the camera roll. I have included some screen shots below.

Happy Doodling



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