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English for the Australian Curriculum Resource.

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Hi everyone,

I apologise for my absence on here over the last week, I have been busy marking which consumes you and takes on a life of its own, but I have now finished for at least two weeks so back to everything else!!!!





Today’s post is regarding an email which I received this week from ALEA (Australian Literacy Educators Association  which I am a member of. I have pasted parts of it below:

This resource supports primary and secondary educators with:

  • full mapping to the Australian Curriculum, providing 850 new elaborations of curriculum content across the strands of language, literature and literacy
  • links to Curriculum content descriptions, cross-curriculum priorities and general capabilities
  • 96 classroom learning sequences for primary, 12 sequences in each unit of work, ready for classroom use
  • a dynamic collection of digital and multi-modal resources, interactive worksheets, rich assessment tasks and links to other website resources
  • (Wendy Rush 2013, personal communication, ALEA)

It is great !!!!!!!


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