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Quiz Busters

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This site allows you to create and then play with your own quiz or it allows you to use one of the quiz’s that has already been created around all of the curriculum areas. I have used this game in my classroom to reinforce or check for understanding and the children have loved it. I usually divide my class into two teams and play as a whole class. I have made a quick tutorial below

Classroom ideas

1. Use it as a reflection tool to assess what the children know and have learnt.

2. Use it as Assessment for learning to discover children’s prior knowledge of a topic.

3. I have used this in all curriculum areas. It really only takes about 10 minutes to create your own quiz(eg Maths: What shape has 3 sides? , Literacy: what is the expanded form of can’t, Science: What planet is closest to the sun etc ).

4. Get the children to create their own quiz which are then used in the classroom (eg a quiz on the book they are reading for fruit and serial).

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