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Make your own QR codes for use in class

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QR (Quick response) codes are now seen everywhere, they initially were used as part of the car manufacturing process. Marketing analysts caught onto them and they are now used for advertising, additional information on posters, in magazines etc. There has a been a relatively new insurgence of these codes in education.

They are relatively easy to create and I have included a very quick tutorial below.

Ideas for the classroom

1. Send home a QR code which links to your class blog.

2. In the childrens reader folder you could include a QR code which links to a site on how to help your child at home with their reading (You could even make a video and post the link).

3. Create a treasure hunt with clues around the school which children have to solve.

4. Create a QR code for the website you want the children to access, they only need to scan the code on the iPad and they automatically go straight to the site.

5. If you would like the children to access a particular website for homework you could send home the QR code.

6. The children could research a topic the class were focusing on and then create a QR code for that research. Chn then use their iPads to scan other children’s QR codes and read their research

QR readers can be downloaded from the app store onto iPads the children then use the readers to scan the codes they or you have created. They are FREE, some of the links for the apps are below. You can also use phones and ipods

Check out these videos I discovered on you tube made by children themselves:

Let me know how you use them or if you use them or any other ideas





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