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Websites, Games and Videos to help children learn to count by 2’s

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There is just so much interesting and engaging things that teachers can use to teach and children can use to practice skills. Today’s post is about counting by 2’s.

Just a reminder though that these skills need to learnt through concrete materials. There is no use counting by 2’s if the children have no idea what that means or how it works

This video have been produced by have fun teaching and are FANTASTIC. I would use these songs a lot in the classroom as a warm up activity  as a song during lunch eating time, using a giant 100 frame outside and children jump to the numbers in the song. etc.. The second video is created by maths songs 2.  The third video is a rap song which covers 2, 5 and 10 it was created by Harry Kindergarten.

Games: – This game has sequences on numbers counting by two and the children have to fill in the missing number. It is based on ghosts. -This is like a whack a mole game (you are able to change what the children need to count by). They have to hit the correct number which comes next in their counting sequence.

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