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Label Box App

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Label box is a FREE app which allows you to take a photo and then label it or use a existing photo. There are a variety of labels which can be used. You can take a screen shot of the finished product and then print out the picture.

Classroom Ideas –

1. Use a characters picture form a book and describe them using the labels.

2. Use a picture of a setting (forest, castle etc) and use words to describe the setting which can then be used in


3. Use a picture of a number and type as many things as you now about that number eg

4. Use a picture of something you are studying ad then label it (eg if you are looking at bugs, label a bug)

5. Use a picture of themselves and label things they like/don’t like

6. You could use the app for spelling and the children could label their spelling words.

There are just so many ideas !!!!  I have included some screenshots below.

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