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Websites to create infographics

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Hi everyone,

I hope that you all had a great Easter ! I have been away camping hence my absence for a week!

I posted about infographics last week and the possible ways you could use these in the classroom. Todays post is about some of the tools  which can easily create infographics. As a  teacher you need to be aware of the children’s privacy. I often sign up and then get the children to sign in with my account so they are not posting an personal details about themselves.

Ideas for the classroom:

1. Children can create an infograhic on an author

2. Children can create an infographic on the school rules to display around the room

3. Children could create their own survey’s and then create an infographic on the results.

4. Children could create an infographic on the best websites for the preps etc and then present the preps with the poster to hang up around their room.

The ideas are really endless –

A tutorial created by Jeff Bailey –

A tutorial created by Mike Oberdick  –
 – I love Dippity it allows you to create online timelines. What a great tool to use in the classroom.

A tutorial on Dipity by Sandy Pittelli.


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