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Comic Life app

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A fantastic app for the iPad. The app allows you to create comics. I recently blogged about the other  comic creation tools here. (

This app is a paid app $2.99, but I believe that is one of those very open ended apps which you can use across curriculum areas.

A tutorial I found on you tube  is below (created by Paul Hamiliton)

Ideas for the classroom

1. Use the comic app to create a retell about a story.

2. Create a comic to visualize a poem that has been read

3. Read a gripping story and stop before the end. Get children to create a comic to predict what they think will happen at the end of the story, then read the end of the story. The class could also read another story and then rewrite the ending.

4. Children could write their own narrative, procedural text, persuasive text and then use a comic to publish their writing.

5, Create a comic to illustrate a concept (eg/ frog life cycle)

6. Create a comic o recreate a historical event.

7. Use a comic t retell what happened during a school event.

8. Use the comic app to teach about dialogue and expression when using dialogue.

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