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Socratives student Response app or use on computers

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Hi Everyone,

In the past we would have to pay a lot of money to get clicker technology in the classroom. (Clicker technology is those hand held clickers that allow you to pose questions to the students and they choose A,B,C or D to indicate what they believe the correct response is, I desperately wanted one for my classroom but we could never afford it). Well there is a FREE app (android and apple) which allows you to use similar technology as the clicker system, but much better as it allows for a mutitude of question types to be posed! As you all know I teach in a University and have used this app as part of my classes, it really gives you a indication of what students are thinking. The beauty of this system is it also has a website, so you can use laptops and computers to use the same software.

Step 1 You will need to go to the app store and download the Teacher Socrative app – When you pose the questions and see the responses you will need the app to

display the results. You can use your ipad, smart phone on the interactive whiteboard OR you can log in as the teacher at


Step 2: You will need to register your account to receive your classroom number. This can be done via the website or the app.

Step 3: You will need to either, download the student socrative app onto iPads or the students can log in via the website . The students do not need to register they just click or the app or the student log in link on the webpage.

Step 4: The students need to enter the room number which is displayed on your teacher app or login.

Step 5: As the teacher you verbally ask the students a question and then they can choose the response that appears on their screen.

Step 6: Have fun !!!!!!!!!!

I have posted  two tutorial I found to give you a better overview. The second tutorial is focused on how the app has been used in a primary classroom (Paul Hamiliton)

Ideas for the classroom

1. Vote on your favourite book characters and then graph the results

2. Use as a series of true false questions to gauge children’s understanding at the end of a lesson.

3. Use for Assessment for learning by getting children to fill in the short answer questions to what they already know about the topic

4. Create quiz’s to assess knowledge.

5. Get the children to be the teacher. What questions would they ask the class about the story?, What quiz questions could they ask about a topic?  etc. By handing the control over to the students like this it allows for more deeper and higher levels of thinking.

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