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Odd and Even Numbers: Websites, games, songs, printables

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Today’s post is about teaching and learning odd and even numbers. It is important to remember that these are only tools listed below. Children need to have access to concrete materials to support their understanding of what a odd and even number is. (1o frames are great to demonstrate and practice this concept. For Example: Make the number 5 is is odd or even? – This free game has a variety of maths functions but I am only gong to focus on the odd and even component as this is today’s post. The game displays a number and you need to click odd or even. This game could be used as a whole class maths focus at the start of a lesson, during maths rotations etc.– This free game requires the children to use the sling shot to hit the balloons with the odd or even numbers. (Hint: You may want to turn the music down or mute it, it can get a little annoying particularly if you had lots of your class playing it lol) – This is similar to the ant game above, you need to hit the ghosts with the even numbers – Hit the ghosts with the odd numbers This game requires you to drag and drop the numbers into a Venn diagram. It allows you to select numbers from 1-10, 1-30, 1-100.

Some You tube videos

Prinatbles– A giant 0-100 number line with odd and even numbers in different numbers. This could be displayed in the classroom and the children could play odd and even number games. – Odd and even street pictures to be used as a display. I would even get the children to draw and create their own odd and even streets to display.


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