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Place Value: MAB/Base 10 manipulatives

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Today’s post is about interactives for teaching, practicing and reinforcing the concept of place value. The importance of place value can’t be underestimated in maths  it forms the basis for counting, pattern and number operations. The importance of using concrete materials is vital. Children will not grasp the concept of a ten block , a one block, a one hundred block if they haven’t had exposure to these materials in their concrete form. I believe that this needs to be done before children use the virtual manipulative s. – This manipulative asks the children to make the number displayed using the MAB. The numbers can be set for 10’s and 100’s. As each block is dragged into place the numbers go up (10,20,30 etc). This site could be used as a whole class focus, for maths rotations or on individual computers. – This resource is not quite as visually stimulating as the site above but it still gives you and your class an opportunity to create number using the virtual manipulative. – This is a game where you need to click on the blocks as they come down the water to make groups of 10. – This game asks you to estimate how many blocks you think there are bu moving the slider. – This site displays the MAB blocks and you need to create the corresponding number 




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