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Fake Twitter Posts: Useful for book and historical characters analysis

Posted in About Me, Character Development, History, Humanities/ Topics, Literacy, Reading, Science, and Teacher Resources – Another fantastic Tool from Classtools. Love this site! This is a fake Twitter feed. I had fun creating one from the Wolfmister as a follow up from the fakebook posts yesterday.

Classroom Ideas

1. Use it to tweet about how the character felt

2. The children could use is to record what they have learnt or a reflection on the lesson  (chn could print them and take their tweets home at the end of the week).

3. It could be used in all subject areas. (eg – what happens in the water cycle)

4. The class could all tweet what they like about the VIP classmate. These could be collated and given to the child. (Great things about me)

Other Ideas??????

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