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Create your own quiz’s and turn them into Arcade Games

Posted in Classroom, Creating, History, Humanities/ Topics, Literacy, Maths, Science, Teacher Resources, and Writing – This is GREAT !!!!!!  This site allows you to create your own quiz and then it is published as a game. It is incredibly easy to use and has a wide variety of classroom applications. It could be used in almost any subject area. The quiz could be generated by yourself or by the children. Imagine the learning which would take place if the children had to show their knowledge by creating their own quiz. The children could then swap quiz’s and complete other peoples. It would certianly generate more deeper and complex levels of thinking. There are 5 differnt games and the quiz works automatically on all five. – Link to a very quick quiz I made on contractions. The pics below show some of the screenshots of the games you can play. 


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