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100 square activities

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I have listed some of my favourite sites for using the 100 square in your teaching. I have used these as warm up activities for maths on the IWB or have used them on individual computers during maths rotations. They are great for introducing and reinforcing number sense. The 100 chart is so versatile you can use it to teach and reinforce, odd and even numbers, place value, addition, subtraction, division and multiplication, the list goes on. The 100 chart also allows you to see what strategies the children are utlising. – Find the number on the hundred square – a number is identified on the 100 square and the children have to add ten and click on the number – a number is identitifed on the 100 square and the children have to add eleven and then click on the number – I love this game it has a really good splat noise and the children can change the colour of the splat. It allows for a multitude of uses depending on the teaching focus ( You can call a number and then children find it, you can call a number and then say add 5 and the children find it,  you can use it for counting and the chn splat on the counting sequence, find odd and even numbers etc). – This site contains a hundred square with counters, there is even an ideas page. – This site contains three printable games using the one hundred board.
 – Give a dog a bone. Great game where the children

have to find the number in one minute,  using their knowledge of the one hundred chart – mend the number square, The children have to move the missing numbers and place them on the 100 chart.

Last but not least. An app for the ipad : 100’s chart for kids. – This app costs 0.99.

Enjoy !

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  1. Max Sargent

    Thanks so much for doing all this legwork to prompt us to explore what is out there. Some of my favourites, ESP. Dog and bone plus some newbies I have not seen. Brilliant site!

    March 5, 2013
    • Kelly

      Thanks very much Max, Glad you are finding the site useful. I will definitely be looking at your favourites !

      March 5, 2013
  2. Max Sargent

    Try this facinating 100 square app. Could be addicitive!

    March 16, 2013

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