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Digital Citizenship: Free images you can use in the classroom

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The internet is a huge web filled with massive amounts of information in all forms, videos, images and text. I believe very strongly that we need to teach children how to be responsible digital citizens. One of the aspects relating to this is copyright and intellectual property (which is a minefield). When using images from the internet we need to consider

Who owns the image?

Do you have permission to use it?

It is very easy to get onto Google images etc and use the images found there. There are however websites where you can access creative common images (Free to use) which does not breach copyright. So on this note I have added some websites below where you can images that will not breach copyright. I believe that as teachers we have a duty to teach children about these sorts of issues. It’s all part of responsiable Digital Citzenship and children as young as prep can be taught these skills.

Ok enough of my ranting lol. The sites are below.

Does anyone else have any others? – Need to reference the site if you use their photos – UPDATED – new link. Icon finder is another great source.



Speaking of digital citizenship I found this great website with some great posters. There is a screen shot to the right.


On the theme of digital citizenship I found this online game created by PBS kids. It is designed for 8-10 year olds.

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