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How Stuff Works and Discovery Kids

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How stuff works is exactly that. It is a website which uses a variety of media (text, audio, video) to explain how everything works.

This is a link to the iPad app which is free.

This site has been specifically created for kids. I particularly like the Tell Me section which  features the myth busters and answers to lots of interesting questions eg/ Why do we need trees? Is the Earth too crowded? What are the world’s messiest jobs?

Classroom Ideas

1. Teachers use the information on an interactive whiteboard to explain and teach a concept eg/ storms, inventions etc.

2. The students can use the site to research a question they have.

3. The information could be used  for comprehension (summarising, literal comprehension, main idea etc).

4. The children could find their favourite part of the website and then write a review or a persuasive text and try to persuade other class members to check out the section they like.


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