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Padlet online multimedia pin board

Posted in Classroom, Literacy, Maths, and Web 2.0 tools


Wall Wisher is a free online pin board which allows all forms of mulitmedia to be posted. (video, audio, pics, Web Links). It is extremely easy to use!!!

Below is a link to a board I created on 3D shapes just as a quick example.




Classroom Ideas:

1. Children can use the board to post comments, reflections about the lesson  (what did they learn? Is there anything they didn’t understand? What was there favourite part?).

2. Children can create a colloborative space to share information ( eg/ create a board with pictures of different spheres, a board that contains information about easter traditions etc)

3. Children can write book reviews of their favourite book which are posted onto a collabrative space.

4. Teachers can use the wall to organise the links and information the children need for that lesson.

5. Children can write reflections on the story, create a new ending,  and post onto collaborative space.

6. Children can take a screen shot of their work with the snipping toom (in accessories on task bar) and then upload the photo onto the board, the teacher and the other students can then see all their work. You could then send a link home to parents and they can view and comment on the children’s work.

7. The children could create a board which contains all the information you would include in your newsletter the link can then be sent home to parents.

8. Each child could have their own board which they use to post their work. ( could take photos of work done in class and upload the photo).

Remember you would need to ensure you have parental permission

Have fun, let me know if you use this site and how you used it


There are so many ideas you could include.

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