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How do I build my own app?

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After my post yesterday about Thomas who is a 12 year old app designer, it got me thinking !!! Why can’t I have a go at designing my own app, so I did what I normally do I Googled it and then started to have a play (I think I lost about 3 hours playing yesterday). I have found a few sites the first one is below and will post about the other sites soon.

First site I found that looked easy was ibuild app.


This site allows you to create your own app relatively easily! There are templates already set up which are easy to modify and allows you to add your own content. The software allows you to view your changes as you go and see what the app will look like and behave. Apps can be created for ipads, iphones and android devises. The site is free (you do need to sign up)  however you can upgrade to allow more features. I am still playing around with the site and can’t give you a more specific overview however for those of you who would like to give this a go I thought it would be good to post about the site.

When i got stuck I went onto you tube (I LOVE you tube and use it to help me with lots of things). I have posted the first tutorial I attached below.

Has anyone else tried this or designed their own app???

There would be lots of uses in the classroom. Imagine if you were studying bugs you could design and set up the app with information which could be used for reading, projects, comprehension, it could contain web links and photos. This app could be downloaded on ipads, ipods. The possibilities here are endless.  (Image from

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