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12 year old app designer

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Hi Everyone,

I hope that you have all had a great Christmas and new year, I have been on leave and have now returned to work rested, and hopefully a little more relaxed lol.

For my first post in 2013 I have attached a video of  Thomas Surez who is 12 years old and has designed his own apps. This video was produced by TED, it’s a great inspirational website that features talks from numerous people on numerous subjects.


When I viewed this video my first thought was WOW!  This child can certainly do more than me, I would have no idea how to create an app (as a parent of two very tech savvy children aged 8 and 12, who are able to access the internet with ease, create their own videos and are starting to design their own game, it should not be a surprise). It did however make me more aware that as educators we do not need to be the ‘expert’ all the time particularly in the field of ICT, we can be the guide and participant. I often pose to the students in my class why can’t you just give it a go and learn along with the children, sometimes this allows for greater learning for the children and yourself as a great deal more problem solving skills are required.

Any thoughts?

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