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Virtual dice, online dice games and great dice game books to teach numeracy

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Virtaul dice contains 6,8,10, 12 sided dice that you can roll on the whiteboard.

These dice can be used to teach concepts such as, chance and data and probability.

The dice can be used to play group games using dice.



This site allows you to access several options with your dice. It even has a addition and subtraction feature. You could use a 100 chart roll the dice and add or subtract the number shown on the dice.

Lots of possibilities here.




For the iPad, iPhone, iPod the app is called Virtaul dice.

It is free and toy can either shake phone or press button to roll.


Online Dice Games
Games like yahtzee for kids

 This is a great game which requires addition and strategy.




There is just so much you can do with dice to teach concepts in mathematics. The games and tasks are generally open ended and allow for differentiation depending on the children’s needs.

I love using dice games to teach concepts and my children loved them as well. Some books I have that are filled with great ideas are:

Paul Swan has written a number of books of how to use dice to teach numeracy


My other all time favourites are from Box Cars and One Eyed Jacks They have a range of practical ideas and resources to teach numeracy through dice.


An idea  from You Tube – 4 dice games for children to play

Enjoy and have fun!


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