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Study Ladder is an Australian site that is free for teachers, that is now aligned to the Australian Curriculum. You can create a class list and the children in the class can access tasks that you have set for them. The tasks are mainly game based and focus on practicing skills. As the children progress through the tasks they gain points that they can spend on designing their room. Each student will receive their own user name and password.

The Results section allows you to see each child’s progress. It highlights things that the child has had difficulties with and allows you to print the results from set tasks.

The link for Study Ladder is below

Study Ladder has tasks relating to literacy, maths, art etc. I love the maths resources!

The image to the right is a screen shot of the front page.

Ideas for the classroom:

1. Each child has their own account and you can customise the tasks according to the areas and level that the child is currently working at.

2. Teachers can monitor and chart the progress of each child.

3. You can use this resource to assess for, as, of learning.

Assessment for learning – what does the child already know? What is their prior knowledge?

Assessment as learning – is the child understanding the concept? what does the child need to scaffold them to the next level?

Assessment of learning – What has the child learnt?

4.  You can use all the interactive resources on the interactive whiteboard. My children loved subtraction war as a class game. You can use the resources to consolidate learning, introduce a new concept etc.

5. The children are able to access some of the resources at home.

6. Teachers can use the videos to further teach concepts.

This is a fantastic resource !!!!!! 

Have you used Study Ladder in your Classroom? What are your thought? How have you used it?


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