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I am so in love with this site!

Pinterst is an online pin board which involves social networking. It allows you to pin pictures of things that you love on different boards.

It has thousands of ideas for the classroom; including lessons, displays, crafts organisation ideas, ICT etc.

Go and check it out it is well worth the effort!

(Warning: You can literally waste hours on here)

Classroom Ideas

1. You could use a pin board for the children in your class to pin their favourite books and write a review. The Book Depository

( allows you to pin the picture of the book you are interested in!

2. At the start of the year each child could pin pictures that portray who they are and things they are interested in!

3. You could pin your favourite websites which the children could access. (eg/ a writing board which has writing websites the children can use etc)

4. The children could pin pictures of the topic you are studying (eg/ pictures of bugs that link to websites etc)

I have pasted a screen shot of my School Board below


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