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Hello world!

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Ok so here goes! I am a little excited about my blog !!!!!

Recently while sitting pondering  how and why classrooms use ICT, I had an idea to create a blog where I could post about ICT and ways it has been used in the classroom. I am also interested in looking at what the research tells us about the best ways to integrate technology into the classroom. I have used the internet and ICT throughout my teaching and am passionate about sharing the hundreds of websites I have used in the classroom

A little of my history.

I was a Pre School Teacher for 7 years and then a Primary School Teacher for 11 years. I am currently a lecturer in the primary degree at Monash University. I am passionate about teaching with ICT and focusing on children’s 21st Century learning skills.
I have always loved ICT and have used it extensively in my classroom. My other main interest is literacy development.
I am currently researching the use of i pads in education and am very interested in how we use mobile technology in classrooms.
I live with my hubby and two boys, my cat Rufus and my dog Scooby!

Please comment on posts I am interested in hearing your thoughts!!!! I would love to create a community where we could all share our ideas and thoughts.



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